I'm a Product Consultant and
Product Design Contractor.

As a Product Consultant, I help my clients address business problems such as low conversion, engagement, referral and retention rates. I do this by deploying nearly a decade of experience in qualitative and quantitative product research and advanced prototyping.

From time to time I also take on short-term, in-person Product Design contracts.

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I'm also Operations Director at Hua.

Work Background

Most recently, I led Product Design at an EdTech SaaS startup called BridgeU. I was the second hire and was tasked with helping the team prototype, build and validate product ideas. To date, the company has raised in excess of $8m in venture capital and has a product that users and customers love.


I'm available for in-person engagements in Europe and China, and remote engagements within reasonable time-zones from London.

I lived in London for 8 years, Beijing for 2 years, Cardiff for 3 years and Philadelphia for 2 years. I was born and raised in Hong Kong.


Human to human languages

I speak Mandarin reasonably well. I do not speak Italian well at all, which is embarrassing. I am a confident English speaker.

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