Hyperpersonalisation and The Business of You

2019-12-03 · BlockchainHyperpersonalisationPersonal Data

The Boundless Potential of Open Data and the End of FANG-Dominance In this essay I assert that the level of personalisation we've seen thus…

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If You Don't Enjoy the Practice, You Won't be Successful in Meditation


Recently I've been making pretty good progress with my meditation. I've been using a book called The Mind Illuminated by Culadasa which was…

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Recent Thoughts on Language Learning


For obvious reasons, it's a pretty important life skill for me to be able to speak Italian, and to improve my Chinese for that matter. It's…

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Mapping the Personal Data Ecosystem

2019-04-21 · CryptoPersonal Data

As a part of my current work at GeneOS and my previous work at Keepzer I've developed a strong interest in the dynamics which are at play…

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My First Fast: 48 Hours In

2019-04-21 · HealthFasting

I am 48 hours into my first extended fast. My plan is to get to at least 96 hours (4 days). If I get there and feel good, I'm going for…

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The (Real) End of Tech Monopolies?


This is the first part of a ongoing series where I will critique and attempt to falsify my Outcomes Thesis. My Outcomes Thesis suggests that…

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20 Topic Brainstorm on The Outcome Economy


In an effort to develop my thinking about how The Outcome Economy might transpire, I've brainstormed a list of ideas for blog post/essay…

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The Outcome Economy


Information technology cycles are fundamentally driven by the cost of producing a particular resource, and the consolidation of power over…

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What is the Most Expensive Part of Building a Cryptonetwork?


My fundamental reason for being interested in crypto is that history predicts a revolution in information technology is ripe. On top of that…

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EthCC 2019


I learned so many interesting things at EthCC. I learned about— Continuous Funding DAOs which are trying to bootstrap themselves into…

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Launching – Crypto Essays Read Aloud


At times over the years I've struggled to penetrate new technical essays. A tactic I've developed is to read out the article, record the…

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A First Foray Into Staking & Tentative Ideas on the Locus of Consolidation in Cryptoeconomic Capital


This is part of an ongoing exploration I'm doing into cryptoeconomic strategy. Here's the first, introductory post for more context. I write…

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Strategies for Outsized Success in the Cryptoeconomy


This is the beginning of a set of new posts. My overarching goal at the moment is to devise a strategy which will lead to outsized success…

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List of Crypto Investment Theses


Northzone Placeholder VC Pantera a16z Turing Outlier Ventures More to follow

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Critical First Questions for a Business


What is selling well? How can I tweak it to set sales alight? Where is it being sold? What is everyone charging? How can I ease those first…

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Happiness Do’s and Don’t’s


To feel clear-headed and energetic Do Meditate 30 minutes a day, to process stress Run 5km every couple days, to clear out shitty bodily…

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How To Hide Liked Tweets on twitter.com


Twitter's "liked posts" have been around forever and frankly, they're bloody annoying. Here's how to remove them— Install Stylebot for…

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Patrick Mackenzie's recommended cold email template by Balsamiq's Peldi


Here's the link – https://blog.balsamiq.com/startup-marketing-advice-from-balsamiq-studios/

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Wellness Heuristics


I spend a lot of energy sifting through information on the internet about how to take better care of my health. I'm also passionate about…

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AEIOU – a framework for breaking through uncertainty


During the uncertain, early stages of a product design project, I've found the AEIOU framework very useful. It helps you see what the basic…

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