Mapping the Personal Data Ecosystem

2019-04-21 · CryptoPersonal Data

As a part of my current work at GeneOS and my previous work at Keepzer I've developed a strong interest in the dynamics which are at…

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My First Fast: 48 Hours In

2019-04-21 · HealthFasting

I am 48 hours into my first extended fast. My plan is to get to at least 96 hours (4 days). If I get there and feel good, I'm going for…

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The (Real) End of Tech Monopolies?


This is the first part of a ongoing series where I will critique and attempt to falsify my Outcomes Thesis. My Outcomes Thesis suggests that…

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20 Topic Brainstorm on The Outcome Economy


In an effort to develop my thinking about how The Outcome Economy might transpire, I've brainstormed a list of ideas for blog post/essay…

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The Outcome Economy


Information technology cycles are fundamentally driven by the cost of producing a particular resource, and the consolidation of power over…

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What is the Most Expensive Part of Building a Cryptonetwork?


My fundamental reason for being interested in crypto is that history predicts a revolution in information technology is ripe. On top of that…

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EthCC 2019


I learned so many interesting things at EthCC. I learned about— Continuous Funding DAOs which are trying to bootstrap themselves into…

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Launching – Crypto Essays Read Aloud


At times over the years I've struggled to penetrate new technical essays. A tactic I've developed is to read out the article, record the…

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A First Foray Into Staking & Tentative Ideas on the Locus of Consolidation in Cryptoeconomic Capital


This is part of an ongoing exploration I'm doing into cryptoeconomic strategy. Here's the first, introductory post for more context. I…

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Strategies for Outsized Success in the Cryptoeconomy


This is the beginning of a set of new posts. My overarching goal at the moment is to devise a strategy which will lead to outsized success…

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List of Crypto Investment Theses


Northzone Placeholder VC Pantera a16z Turing Outlier Ventures More to follow

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Critical First Questions for a Business


What is selling well? How can I tweak it to set sales alight? Where is it being sold? What is everyone charging? How can I ease those first…

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Happiness Do’s and Don’t’s


To feel clear-headed and energetic Do Meditate 30 minutes a day, to process stress Run 5km every couple days, to clear out shitty bodily…

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How To Hide Liked Tweets on


Twitter's "liked posts" have been around forever and frankly, they're bloody annoying. Here's how to remove them— Install Stylebot for…

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Patrick Mackenzie's recommended cold email template by Balsamiq's Peldi


Here's the link –

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Wellness Heuristics


I spend a lot of energy sifting through information on the internet about how to take better care of my health. I'm also passionate about…

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AEIOU – a framework for breaking through uncertainty


During the uncertain, early stages of a product design project, I've found the AEIOU framework very useful. It helps you see what the basic…

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