Launching – Crypto Essays Read Aloud


At times over the years I've struggled to penetrate new technical essays.

A tactic I've developed is to read out the article, record the audio and listen back to it afterwards.

Perhaps because I'm an auditory learner, or perhaps just because it's a Hemingway-like technique of pushing myself to read the whole essay through in one go, I've found it to be effective.

I often go for a walk after making the recording and listen to it for additional comprehension.*

I'm not sure if it'll help others, but it's pretty painless to share these articles as I go. If nothing else, it is an indication of the articles I currently find interesting enough to read and explore.

So here's my new Soundcloud with the recordings. Each track has the link to the original article to follow along or dive deeper.

*if the essay feels particularly important at that point I'll also break it down and commit it to long-term memory using Anki, but that's something for another day!

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