Happiness Do’s and Don’t’s


To feel clear-headed and energetic

  • Meditate 30 minutes a day, to process stress
  • Run 5km every couple days, to clear out shitty bodily feeling
  • Eat G-BOMBS, it'll probably help you live longer
  • Eat processed foods, to avoid feeling lethargic
  • Smoke 20 cigarettes a day for 20 years (the odd one probably won't hurt though 🤷‍)

To feel a sense of belonging

  • Contribute – this is how you grow a feeling of belonging
  • Encourage & help people get their stuff done but don't interfere with people attending to tasks that reap results for themselves
  • Recognise that people are better or worse in some respect, but nobody is better or worse as a person
  • Don't do shit that only seeks to benefit yourself
  • Don't do things to others which you wouldn't want done to yourself

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