Mapping the Personal Data Ecosystem

2019-04-21 · CryptoPersonal Data

As a part of my current work at GeneOS and my previous work at Keepzer I've developed a strong interest in the dynamics which are at play around personal data.

I believe that the technical and economic architectures which exist around personal data today have a number of critical problems. My ambition is to develop a report which orients us as to where we currently are in the evolution of personal data. I want to show what got us here, where we are now and speculate on where we're going. My interest particularly lies in anything which helps us to understand the problems we face and the most reasonable solutions to those problems.

I find it most motivating and beneficial to write such a report in short bursts, elicit feedback from people who know more than me, and shape the course of my research accordingly. Writing a big report all in one go works for some, but I don't think it's the most fun or efficient way to go about things, nor does it lend its hand to growing your social network in the same way that writing in bursts does.

The report will be opinionated. I'm first and foremost an entrepreneur and investor. An entrepreneur and investor is nothing without strong opinions and credible insights. The primary purpose for writing this report is to improve my insight and convictions in the space. I share them with others to elicit useful feedback and be helpful. I trust that if I provide value, I will be rewarded with trust and responsibility.

Here is the outline of how I attempt to structure the report. I will most likely write articles which fit loosely fit into these sections and then collate them into the report when I feel the whole is sufficiently cohesive.

Information Architecture

  • General Overview

    • What is Personal Data?
    • Why is Personal Data Important?
    • What are the Risks Associated with Personal Data?
  • The History of Personal Data
  • Where We Are Today

    • Architecuture
    • Uses
    • Current Ecosystem
  • The Future of Personal Data

    • Possible Architecure
    • Uses
    • Emerging Ecosystem

That feels like a decent structure to get going with. The structure will almost certainly change. I won't write about the sections in order. Apart from anything else, I find some of the sections far more interesting than others. The future-focused stuff for example.

I suspect I will also end up tying all this in with my research on value capture in crypto – The Outcomes Thesis – as well as ongoing research into the future of healthcare.

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