How I can help

MVP Build

You need help bringing a product idea to life. Maybe you want to get a clearer picture of what the product might look like or maybe you want to start putting something in front of customers and investors to get feedback.

I can help you build an early product on any platform – mobile, web or desktop. My focus is on helping you bring your vision of the product into focus by whittling the scope to a truly minimum viable version. Once that scope is established, we agree upon a fixed fee and I deliver from there.

Freelance React work
Validate your new product idea
Visual Design Refresh
Design Mentorship
Speak at your event
Design Critique
First Hire

You need to hire your first Product Designer and are looking for a little help.

I can help you source candidates, build an interview structure and evaluate potential hires. This can be on an ongoing basis or as a one-off engagement.

Build Evaluation Pipeline
Help you get design considered at a strategic level
User Test Recruitment
Usability Audit

You need to get an expert opinion on the usability of your product. You have an inkling that your users are not converting or being retained as well as they could be. You'd like an expert to come in and give you a sense of how well your product is respecting current best practices, and make recommendations for improvement.

I can help you I can come in and do a single usability review based on Jakob Nielsen's expert heuristics checklist as well as the ongoing expertise I build up as I work on digital products. We can then reconvene and I'll help you understand how well you're doing and how you can improve. I'll also provide a report in a format you can share with other members of your team.

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